Why "Good Morning Minneapolis"?

Y'know, that's a pretty good question, and one I'd like to talk about a bit (instead of writing up a quick response in my questions section).

I love Minneapolis. I always have, and I always will. There's something really special about this city, and I think I am very lucky to get the chance to live and work and learn here.

I started this blog waaaaay back at the start of my University career, and I remember sitting down by the Mississippi River on campus early one morning (and actually early, not just early for me early) and being filled with such joy and happiness just sitting there, taking in the beauty of the scenery.

I often have moments in life where my feelings are so great that I feel a bit overwhelmed, but I think those are very special experiences and I really appreciate them. I remember sitting on a bench that day and thinking, "it's a good morning to be in Minneapolis", and then from there I remember thinking about how much I love this city and being here, and I remember thinking, "Good morning, Minneapolis!" before I headed off to do what I need to do (and yes, I personify things sometimes, don't worry about it).

I really enjoy my time here, and I think going to my Uni and working where I work has really helped me to grow as a person and to shape who I am today (sappy and cliché, I know). So even though this blog isn't about Minneapolis itself, this blog is about me and the things I like and part of what I like (or should I say love) is this city I'm in.

Maybe that answer is a bit wishy-washy, but it's good enough for me. (:

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