Friday, November 1, 2013

Bookcrossing Once More

Good afternoon everyone!

My internship ended a bit early today, and since Amadeus is at my dad's house currently (poor baby got neutered), I thought I would run some of the books I have waiting to be released there to the Little Free Library down the street!

In doing so, I have now registered 100 books and released 57. Isn't that awesome? One of my bucket list goals is to release 100 (and I'm sure I'll hit that number!). It feels so good to be sharing books with others. I checked in the LFL and none of the books I left last were still there! I hope the readers are enjoying them.

I left my camera at my apartment, so unfortunately I can't share any pictures (but I may post again later today for a project I am working on, so stay tuned!) but I was pretty excited and just had to share.

There's still room in the LFL, so I think I will try and cram more books in there so I don't feel so bad about having gone so long without dropping any off. One day I hope to have a Little Free Library of my own so I can share books with the world.

Speaking of bucket lists, I think I might write one up and do updates as I accomplish the things on my list! It would give me a reason to blog more and maybe it would help motivate me to do the things on the list! We'll see.

Anyway, if you want to see which books I released, check out the Bookcrossing widget to your right!


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