Monday, May 20, 2013

Outgoing Snail Mail!

Good afternoon everyone!

It's raining here in Minneapolis today, but I don't mind - I love the rain!

Today I'm sending a letter to my penpal Mary (she always sends me the most awesome things! I feel like my letters are so boring in comparison), sending mail to new friends on Sendsomething, and sending out some postcards for Postcrossing! The book is going to someone from Sendsomething, but it's got a sticker in it for Bookcrossing (I know, so many "crossings").

If you can't tell I love to send snail mail! I'm also really excited because my limit on Postcrossing was increased to 12 at a time - so far I've sent 151 postcards! :D

Now I'll probably play the DS game 999 for a bit (it's AWESOME, I might do a post about it eventually) or maybe finish watching Ouran High School Host Club. I've been watching it for years and now I'm finally at the end. @.@



  1. Why is there no like function‽
    Snail mail <3 I'm working on your letter, I sweaaaar D: My limit is currently 10 and that's how many I currently have travelling... slight impatience detectable. Five of them are going to goddamn Russia, which always takes forever. :(

    1. I know! I'm always a little sad when I go to send out postcards and they all go to Russia. Like I don't mind sending them, but they take forever. :C