Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December Wishlist

Good evening everyone!

Here's my December Wishlist! Since I've gotten into makeup lately, here are some items based on that.

1.Retread from Lush - My hair has been seriously damaged from dying, and I've heard great things about this product. I'll try anything if it means my hair will be silky and healthy.
2. Roots from Lush - My hair is also very fine and thin, and I would really appreciate more volume in my 'do.
3. TARTRE BB Tinted Treatment Primer - I've been trying to find a good primer, and this one looks like it could work! All of the reviews are amazing.
4. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer - My skin is kinda  yellowish, so I was thinking maybe a purple-tinted primer might help even my skin tone out! But also I have fairly blemish-free skin, so I'm not too concerned.
5. MAC lipstick in Twig - I saw a swatch of this color on /r/makeupaddiction and I fell in love! If I do well on my final tomorrow, I might get it for myself as a nice little treat.

What's on your wishlist, and what do you think of mine?



  1. I'm a little bit in awe of Atomic Cosmetics ( right now o__o. Especially the lipsticks (I think Fellini, Va Va Voom, and Fuck You, I'm Pink are my favorites). But actually what I need is foundation because the compact I have now irritates my skin. I'm thinking I'll try ELF next because it looks cheap and reasonably non-toxic. (And by next I mean probably not until Anime Detour since I normally only wear make-up with cosplay ^^;. Could change if I found foundation I liked enough.)

    1. So I just checked out Atomic Cosmetics, and man some of those lipsticks are to die for! I really like Date Bait, Fuck you, I'm Pink (I dunno why but I love bright pinks!) and Hot Mama. I may have red hair, but that doesn't mean I can't wear red lipstick too!

      I also liked the Waxie Moon Eyeshadow Palette! Those are my kinda colors. (:

      I haven't heard anything about ELF foundation, but I've had mixed results with their products overall. My roommate likes their eyebrow kit, and I got some eyeshadow/blush and it didn't look natural enough for me. :/

      Buuuut I recently bought Smash Box foundation, and it's wonderful! It blends in super well, and I can't even tell I'm wearing it! It's a bit expensive, but I've been applying it every day, so it's worth it for me. (:

    2. I know 8D. I was looking for a less toxic substitute to Manic Panic lipsticks and Atomic Cosmetics' selection seems like it would work nicely (and I know what you mean about bright pink--Blue Valentine by Manic Panic was my favorite for a while.) When I feel like investing more money in foundation (last time I did that I wasted most of it because it got too old to use 'cause I barely wore it) I'll have to look into Smash Box =D.