Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wild Orchids

Good afternoon everyone!

So this morning I decided to dig around in my makeup box (literally, I have no organization other than on my sinks surface and in a box) and pull out something I haven't used in awhile. I came back with a set of four crème eyeshadows from Revlon. Specifically I pulled out Revlon's Illuminance Crème Shadow in 701 Wild Orchids.

 I've had this for awhile now (and it's one of two that I own, maybe I'll try out the other one later) but I rarely use it. This is mostly because to me, crème eyeshadows are a lot of hassle and with little payoff. They're messy, difficult to apply evenly, and even though the color can be packed on for a vibrant look, in my experience it doesn't stay that way for an entire day of wear.

At first I thought that maybe I just didn't know how to apply/wear the crème eyeshadow, so I decided to look up some reviews. As it turns out, I'm not the only person who isn't a big fan of Revlon's crème eyeshadow line. As a note, I applied primer, and also ended up lightly packing on some white/pale nude powder shadow on top since I wasn't confident with just the crème.

I think in the future I'll give this quad another go, perhaps with some colored shadow on top (to make the powder color pop a bit more) but this honestly isn't my favorite.

So here's a quick pic of me with the shadow on (and yes, my baseline look is my left brow arched. I try to make them as neutral/even as possible but I always end up with my left brow arched, at least a tiny bit). You'll have to pardon my messy hair; I wanted to put on some makeup for fun, but I'm actually about to settle in for a much-needed Star Trek: TNG marathon with my SO!

Has anyone else tried the Revlon Illumiance crème shadows? What was your reaction? Do you have any tips or tricks for me? Let me know!

Enjoy your day, and cheers!

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