Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NARS Train Bleu + L'Oreal Mulberry

Good morning everyone!

So today not only am I showing off my Star Trek: Voyager comm badge and my Star Trek bow, but also my NARS Train Bleu lip pencil! Of course, I fell in love with this color just as NARS announced they were discontinuing it, and I was pretty bummed. But then word got around that it was back in stock (curse them) so I went to the NARS website and ordered myself one from there (I linked to Sephora's website because something's wrong with the NARS website? I dunno what's up with that).

Anyway, I'm wearing that with another favorite of mine, L'Oreal's lip color in Mulberry. It's one that I wear A LOT, so the tube is a little worse for wear (but I love it anyways!). It goes on super smooth, and lasts very well - both of those things being things I greatly appreciate in a lipstick.

Train Bleu also goes on smoothly, and I used it just around the edges of my lips since I don't want to waste it (and since I've wanted to match these two colors up since I found out about Train Bleu). Overall I'm pleased with my purchase. It's something I ordered in late January and just got now, so it'll be the last thing I'll receive/get until March (it's gonna be tough y'all, but I think I can make it).

The first thing I plan on getting is my hair dyed (lookit all that regrowth :C) since I need it pretty badly. Also, I am pleased to report that my eyebrows are growing in well (woot!) although not as quickly as I'd like. Oh well. I have time.

Do you have Train Bleu or Mulberry? What are your thoughts? Let me know!


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