Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Window Shopping: Tiny Attic on Etsy

Good morning everyone!

People always post the most beautiful clothes and accessories to tumblr, and since I love to window shop, I almost always click the links (and I can't stand it when people decide not to share a source). So anyway, someone shared a piece of jewelry from the esty shop Tiny Attic, and I fell in love! Here's what I liked the most:

Dynamite Dried Flower Pressed Rings, $12.03
Malva Lavender & Rose Dried Petal Snow Globe Ring, $12.03 
Pastel Moon Pendant Necklaces, $6.01
Butterfly Explorer Necklace, $10.31
That's all I've got this week! See anything you like? I'm especially fond of the necklaces.


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