Monday, January 6, 2014

A product I am excited about: Maybelline Baby Skin

Good afternoon all!

Today it is quite cold here (around -50 Fahrenheit!) and while my SO tried to leave the apartment, his car wouldn't start so we were forced to stay in instead (and wait for my landlady to come and see why there was no heat in our apartment...) so I decided to lift my spirits I would post about a product I'm dying to try!

The item is Maybelline's Baby Skin Primer, which is fresh to the US market.

It's been on the Asian market for a bit now, and the few reviews I've seen (mostly from reddit's MUA subreddit) have been quite good, and for $6.99 it can't really be beat! I was thinking of getting Sephora's Primer but since this has gotten good reviews and is cheaper, I think I'll start here.

As a note, Amazon and Target online didn't have this product, and I could only find it at CVS's website! As far as I know it's very new, so I hope I can order it soon (before it sells out).

I'll report back as soon as I order one of these babies for myself! Have you tried this out yet? Let me know!


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