Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Model Behavior

Good evening everyone!

When I ordered my Revealed palette from Coastal Scents they also sent me a sample of this pretty quad of shadows called Model Behavior (unfortunately a quick search on their site yields no results, but I do rather like these colors). I thought I would try them out today, along with my favorite lipstick, MAC's Twig. 

I did "Reef Sand" in the inner corners of my eyes, "Petal Peach" for the lighter color on my lid and "Deep Cider" as the darker color and my crease. Overall, I'm very happy with this pigments and I love the way they look! I also attempted a winged eyeliner look, but since I mostly do makeup by feel it was fairly hard to accomplish, sadly. Oh well. 

Ps - I hate the effect my glasses have in pictures... Oh well. I think I look silly without them!

Do you have these shades? How do you wear them? Let me know!


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