Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sephora 2014 Birthday Gift

Good afternoon everyone!

Last night I went to my local Sephora store to pick up some things for me and to get my birthday gift! My birthday isn't until the 25th of this month, but this was the only time I would have been able to stop in, so that's exactly what my roommate and I did.

This year's gift is a small box containing some Makeup Forever products. I received a lipstick (in the shad Rouge) and a small tube of mascara. 

I think the lipstick is very pretty, and it's actually only a little bit darker than my lips (my lips are semi-dark for lips, I think) and it applies smoothly. I tried some on last night without lip liner/primer, but I am wearing it with my Bite Beauty lip primer/liner today. 

The mascara wasn't clumpy at all, and I found it easy to apply (even though I was a little intimidated by the wand - it's a completely different shape than I've ever used before!) and I really like the way it sits on my lashes and makes them look.

Overall I think this was a great little birthday treat, and I'm glad I was able to pick mine up!

Have you gotten your Sephora birthday gift yet? And if you haven't, are you excited to try it out? Let me know!


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