Monday, January 13, 2014

Cleaning Closet

Good afternoon everyone!

One of my New Year's Resolutions (I promise I'll do a blog post about that before the end of the month!) is to finally get control of my wardrobe. Here's what I mean by that: I want to get rid of the clothes I don't wear, buy a few things to revitalize and freshen up my look, and then be happy with what I have.

For the longest time I worked in retail, first a thrift store and then a consignment store, and so I amassed A TON of clothes. A lot of them were impulse buys, I'll be honest (and it didn't help that at the consignment store if an item had a blemish and the consignor didn't want to take the item home, we as employees got dibs) because the clothes were just soooo cheap (at least that's how I rationalized it).

At my old apartment my closet stretched from one end of my room to the other, so I had tons of space to store all my clothes, so I didn't really focus on getting rid of any of them. This didn't work out so well for me, however, because over the summer I had to move home for a month before moving here, and there were clothes EVERYWHERE. So I actually already went through all my clothes once, and get rid of about half of them.

But I still have a buttload of clothes that I never wear. Some of them I wore frequently three or four years ago, but don't really fit my style anymore. Some of them I haven't worn ever, either because they don't fit or they don't look right on me or frankly I just don't like them. And that really isn't a good way to shop or a good way to have a wardrobe.

So now I'm stuck at a point where I have only a small handful of clothes I actually like wearing, a slightly bigger handful of clothes I grudgingly wear, and a bunch of clothes I don't like at all (and what's worse is I still have clothes back home as well that I need to sort through). So one of my big goals for 2014 is to get my wardrobe to a place where I like the things I own and that I wear the things I own. The first step, then, is to get rid of what needs to go.

So there you have it, the first wave of the 2014 donates (here I present you with 13 pieces of clothing, ranging from what I wore in high school, to higher end items I got last year, to a reeeeeeaally old Gap fuzzy orange sweater I wore in high school to football games since our colors were orange and black). I'll keep everyone posted as I buff up my wardrobe and get rid of more things.

Do you have a wardrobe-related New Year's Resolution? Tell me about it!


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