Thursday, January 9, 2014

A product I am excited about: Revealed Palette

Good afternoon everyone!

So I must confess, as I've gotten more into makeup and have been browsing around, trying to find new things to add to my arsenal, I've started to lust after the Naked 3 palette. I've seen some absolutely beautiful looks done with this palette, and the more I looked the more I wanted... Until I saw the $52 USD price tag. and while I have waaaay more than $52 worth of stuff on my makeup wishlist, since there are so many other things I want to get right now (like a good primer and a clear lip liner) I decided I'd just have to wait. 

Then I did some digging, and I saw a lot of people recommend this Coastal Scents Revealed Palette as a good dupe. Normally it's $19.95, but I just ordered it for 25% off, making the total for the product (not shipping) $14.95. It's got 5 stars on the website's reviews, and I've heard so many good things I think the price and the steep shipping cost (it was $6.95 at the cheapest) was worth it. I'll report back as soon as it arrives on my door step! What are you excited for? Have you tried this product, or Naked 3? Let me know!

Until then, cheers!

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